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Our Greatest Team - Ever!

Well what an amazing event Olympics and Paralympics 2012 was! Our greatest team ever was the strap line being used across all reporting mediums and boy they sure were right.

The Olympic fever was a little slow to take off here in Weymouth and Portland with usual visitors being put off by expected influx of visitors but by the second week the town was buzzing with Olympic fever. The town looked amazing decorated in flags and signage and a lick of paint. The opportunities for people to get involved themselves was endless, with free sporting events held on the beach including sailing, kayaking, football & rugby to name a few. There was of course the free live arena with large screens to watch the action on. On Super Sunday the atmosphere around the town was electric, especially at the Nothe viewing points and after Ben Ainslie won Gold the town erupted and the party started.

To celebrate our greatest sailing team ever Weymouth held a victory parade before the annual carnival parade for the Olympians and who did the event organisers call upon to produce the banners, yup, that's right us! Having designed & printed the banners 4 years previous there was only one Sign Company they could trust with this task. The morning of the event was hankered by torrential rain and wind and there was concern over whether the banners could be fitted due to safety reasons, but as the saying goes 'the sun always shines on the righteous' out popped the sun and all had a great day.

Our Greatest Team

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Economically I'm still unsure on what effect the Olympics will have on the local area. The media coverage of the Olympics was very good and the weather was with us making the view of Weymouth and Portland look stunning on the T.V. that can only be good for bookings next year, surely? I believe Weymouth and Portland have suffered in the last few years with roadwork disruption effecting trading within the town but also the economic climate hasn't helped ether. Whilst some businesses got onboard and thought out of the box starting pop-up restaurants or adapting to make the most of the Olympics and the people that came to the area others through no fault of their own have suffered. I just hope that 2013 brings great weather and a new influx of visitors and sailors all keen to discover the delights of Dorset.


Paula Fry