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Benefit from 24/7 Outdoor Advertising

It is an indisputable fact that the overall appearance and individual branding of your business will say much about the quality and reliability of the service you provide.

And at a time when securing new business has become increasingly more difficult, it is necessary to ensure that every penny spent on marketing shows an immediate and visible return on investment.

Mindful of these challenges, IMPACT Signs and Print can offer what is acknowledged to be the single most powerful and cost-effective option within the outdoor advertising media. We can transform your vehicles into mobile billboards that will promote your business 24 hours a day with eye-catching and award-winning vehicle branding solutions.

Just consider the basic facts....

Vehicle Wraps Do Not Wait To Be Seen
They proactively market themselves wherever people are present and they offer the lowest cost per capita of any other ambient advertising tool*.

Can't Be Turned Off Or Tuned Out
They also reach potential customers in a way not possible via other marketing channels and they remain the one form of advertising that cannot be switched off, tuned out or lost in the plethora of radio, TV and printed media.

Bodywork Protection Is An Added Benefit
Furthermore, vehicle wraps provide lasting protection for expensive bodywork. This will remove the need to replace vehicles earlier than would normally be desired and ensure that the original paintwork is maintained with its original pristine condition prior to removal of the film when the time for replacement finally arrives, thereby adding further value to your investment.

*Independent survey commissioned by 3M to determine the comparative cost (£) per 1,000 consumers as follows: radio (12.12), TV (4.60), Billboard (1.20), direct mail (19.42), printed media (4.95) and vehicle (0.40).