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Busy day networking.

Well what a grey miserable day today and i'm sure it even tried to snow! What's all that about? We can't have snow down along the South Coast within 2 months. Anyhow my morning was brightened by joining fellow Business Exchange members at the delightfull venue that is Kingston Maurward College and their fabulous full english, how I love the sausages they make.

I was sat with some great business owners with fab "wicked issues" mine being what attributes do you expect/like from service/tradesmen whilst working on your premises?? Also picked up a few brilliant Ah-ha moments. I really do hope Business Link remains after next year, even if it's in a similar form.

Next on the agenda was the Dorchester BNI group which is so close to being launched, just need another handfull of members and we're there. My one minute presentation consited of telling the group about the exciting new products that we can't wait to get our hands on for instance vinyl that can wrap and hug the contours of brick, how amazing is that!!! Twenty five referrals were passed today too and we haven't launched yet.

Just found out that we have received an order for some radar signs for a national holiday park too, these signs are cut to shape around a charcter that holds the radar to alert drivers of their speed.